Greece has a religious history, being home to many stops on Paul's missionary journeys, as well as many of the early churches to whom Paul wrote his epistles, such as 1 & 2 Thessalonians, Philipians, and 1 & 2 Corinthians. Greece has a deep Christian heritage, and as a result Greeks are reverent toward God. While Greece maintains ties with her Christian past, students in Greece have no more than a cultural belief in God. It is painfully common to hear a Greek student say in the same breath, "Of course I'm Christian, I'm Greek!" followed by, "No, I'm not sure if God exists, and I don't think it really matters." However, Greece is strategically located at a geographical crossroads between the Arab world, Eastern Europe and Western Europe. Their minds are Western, but their hearts are Eastern, some have said. Greeks could one day be key players in reaching the Muslim world as well as Europe for Christ.

Walking up to a table full of students, hoping to start a conversation can feel daunting. Do they speak English? Will they be friendly? Do I look as awkward as I feel? But Dimitris, a friendly second year student, welcomed me at his table with a smile. We talked about music, politics, movies, family, dating, marriage, God, and hours later I left the table with a new friend. Dimitris wonders if God could change Greece, but like many Greek students, he sees God as something very separate from religion. While he's interested in knowing God, he has become very disillusioned with organized religion. As I shared about my relationship with God, he was interested, saying, "I think you focus on God changing you from the inside out, and I focus on changing from the outside in." Dimitris was eager to meet me for coffee again, and we had no trouble communicating more about our beliefs.

Greece is 98% Orthodox
Only 2% of Greeks are in church any given Sunday
Evangelicals number under 15,000, or less than 0.5% of the population

*From Operation World's web page

A lot of time, effort and prayer has been spent on developing the mission and vision here in Greece. To see a detailed layout of what the ministries mission and vision looks like check out our ministry page.

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